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Radiant Health Saunas won Sauna Of The Year multiple years in a row from Matt Justice of Certified Saunas. Radiant Health produces the lowest EMF & VOC saunas that still retain an elegant aesthetic when installed in your home. These saunas are as close as you can get to a Made In U.S.A. handmade sauna from the states, but without a ton of screws, complicated install process, and long delivery times. (they are imported saunas, but they are better than almost everything else on the market, in both VOC, EMF, and functionality.)

See Matt’s installation video on YouTube to see how easy they are to put together. Watch the live EMF testing to see how safe these saunas really are, and check out the beautiful look in several customer photos in the Certified Sauna Community Facebook group.

There are several Radiant Health Models that work on 15 amp household circuits, without electrical upgrade from an electrician. Matt’s most recommended models for this are: EC-3H (2 person corner sauna), and the E2-H (2 person rectangular sauna) for spacious relaxing sauna sessions without electrical upgrades. Matt also recommends the Radiant Health E-2.5H model for colder climate basements, exterior garages, and lower temperature install locations where plenty of power needs to be on tap to overcome the colder ambient temperatures that all infrared saunas struggle in below 60 F. The E-2.5H is an excellent blend of power per cubic footage, heats well, and is a large enough two person sauna for two adults and one child in between if family use is preferred. 

For complete pricing on Radiant Health Saunas, you need to call the office for a shipping quote to your exact location: Phone (Canada): 604-221-1799 | Toll Free: 1-888-291-6544

We also like to speak with you before ordering, to make sure you have the proper electrical in your home required to run this specific sauna model.

Use discount code: “matt-justice-500” for a nice discount on your sauna.


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